Corporate Responsibility

Safety  |  Environment  |  Community


Our company culture is expressed through our relationship-focused slogan – “Forge ahead, together.” On the jobsite, this idea inherently becomes, “Forge ahead (safely), together.” To best serve our clients and protect our trade partners, we make safety a top focus for our team on every jobsite.

This begins by cultivating a team with experience and providing regular continuing education. From the top down, this experienced group believes in adhering strictly to OSHA standards and local codes.

Our team provides great attention to planning and is constantly reevaluating logistics on our jobsites. We invest in equipment, technology, and training to ensure that our employees and trade partners return home safely to their families each day.


With each project, we look for opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment and re-use or recycle materials. Limiting what we put in dumpsters and landfills is a top priority for the Forge team. As part of this effort, we donate salvaged and usable construction materials to Habitat ReStores.

Forge into the Community

As Forge grows in the Upstate, we look for opportunities to give back and support other organizations that enrich our community. As a company, we support:


Further, we empower our employees to give back personally – through philanthropy and volunteer service – to organizations they want to support in the community.

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